Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Sterling Silver and Enameled Necklacenecklaces, Map of Norway 1" and 16.5" Chain



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Sterling Silver &a necklacesmp; Ena necklacesmeled Neckla necklacesce, Ma necklacesp of Norwa necklacesy 1" &a necklacesmp; 16.5" Cha necklacesinSolid sterling silver neckla necklacesce of fine qua necklaceslity fea necklacestures the ma necklacesp of Norwa necklacesy.\u00a necklaces0 Cla necklacesssic a necklacesnd fun neckla necklacesce ma necklacesde by Mema necklaces Norge of Norwa necklacesy.\u00a necklaces0 The\u00a necklaces0bright sa necklacestin finish a necklacesnd intrica necklaceste design of the ena necklacesmel give a necklaces rich a necklacesppea necklacesra necklacesnce to this big cha necklacesrmer.\u00a necklaces0 Da necklacesngling from its fine sterling silver cha necklacesin, this unique neckla necklacesce will a necklacesllow you to show your Norwegia necklacesn pride.The a necklacesncient a necklacesrt of\u00a necklaces0ena necklacesmeling\u00a necklaces0combines fire, powdered gla necklacesss or stone a necklacesnd meta necklacesl to crea necklaceste colourful pa necklacestterns a necklacesnd designs.\u00a necklaces0\u00a necklaces0Ena necklacesmel jewelry\u00a necklaces0is a necklaces bea necklacesutiful wa necklacesy to spruce up your outfit when you need tha necklacest specia necklacesl a necklacesccessory to rea necklaceslly ma necklaceske a necklaces sta necklacestement.\u00a necklaces0 Sha necklacesre the bea necklacesuty with the Norwegia necklacesn friends in your life!

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