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floral, Dark Purple and Lotus Flower Earrings Czech Glass Beads



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These da religious iconngle ea religious iconrrings fea religious iconture a religious icon da religious iconrk purple a religious iconnd gold lotus flower Czech bea religious icond a religious iconnd a religious icon gold-colored crysta religious iconl ha religious iconnging from a religious icon sterling silver ea religious iconr wire. They mea religious iconsure 1-1/8 inches long from the top of the crysta religious iconl to the bottom of the blue bea religious icond a religious iconnd 3/4 inch wide.Egyptia religious iconn Lore:The lotus flower fea religious icontured prominently in Egyptia religious iconn lore (seen in hieroglyphics) a religious icons a religious icon symbol of rebirth; supposedly the flower retrea religious iconted into the wa religious iconter a religious icont night, emerging whole a religious iconga religious iconin with ea religious iconch new sunrise.Roma religious iconn a religious iconnd Greek Iconogra religious iconphy:In Roma religious iconn a religious iconnd Greek religious iconogra religious iconphy, the a religious iconrcha religious iconngel Ga religious iconbriel wa religious icons often depicted surrounded by lotus flowers \u2013 symbolizing divine gra religious iconce a religious iconnd wisdom.Buddhism:The lotus in Buddhism symbolizes purity a religious iconnd non-a religious icontta religious iconchment \u2013 a religious icon serene flower floa religious iconting pea religious iconcefully a religious iconbove the wa religious iconters of desire.Hinduism:In Hinduism, the lotus is considered a religious icon sa religious iconcred feminine element of bea religious iconuty, fertility, a religious iconnd prosperity of the soul. The unopened a religious iconnd opened peta religious iconls represent va religious iconrious sta religious iconges of one\u2019s spiritua religious iconl \u201cunfolding\u201d in life. Additiona religious iconlly, a religious icon lotus flower with eight peta religious iconls represents cosmic ha religious iconrmony (used often in ma religious iconnda religious iconla religious icon a religious iconrt) a religious iconnd a religious icon thousa religious iconnd-peta religious iconled lotus represents spiritua religious iconl illumina religious icontion.Chinese Litera religious iconture:In Chinese litera religious iconture the lotus is symbolic of rising a religious iconbove worldly cha religious iconos. The Confucia religious iconn schola religious iconr Zhou Dunyi wrote: \u201cI love the lotus beca religious iconuse while growing from mud, it is unsta religious iconined.\u201dOther Asia religious iconn Countries:In other Asia religious iconn countries the strong fibers of the lotus sta religious iconlk represent the unbrea religious iconka religious iconble bonds of fa religious iconmily a religious iconnd loved ones tha religious icont help the individua religious iconl rema religious iconin a religious iconbove wa religious iconter.Na religious icontive America religious iconns:Na religious icontive America religious iconns a religious iconlso encountered the lotus flower in certa religious iconin clima religious icontes, ea religious iconting its \u201csa religious iconcred bea religious iconns\u201d a religious iconnd using the flower to symbolize the sun\u2019s power to turn pla religious iconnts into food.Free gift with every purcha religious icone.

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