Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

animal, Elk Tooth with Sterling Silver Acorn Cap on 20” chain Charivari Charm Necklace



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Antique hunting cha traditionalrm ma traditionalde of a traditionaln elk tooth. Orna traditionalte bea traditionalutiful sterling silver ca traditionalp with a traditionalcorns a traditionalnd oa traditionalk lea traditionalves connects it to a traditional 20\u201d long bra traditionalided sterling cha traditionalin. The tooth seems to ha traditionalve a traditional clea traditionalr protective coa traditionalt on it, which is good beca traditionaluse teeth do tend to dry out a traditionalnd cra traditionalck with a traditionalge. Proba traditionalbly a traditional few deca traditionaldes old. Penda traditionalnt is a traditionalbout 2\u201d long.

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