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Freshwater Pearl and Lapis Lazuli Earrings in Sterling Silver - Bridegem, Bridesmaid Gift



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This is a wedding lovely pa weddingir of freshwa weddingter pea weddingrl a weddingnd la weddingpis la weddingzuli ea weddingrrings. Perfect for yourself or a wedding gift! All sterling silver findings.Ma weddingtching neckla weddingce a weddingt https://www./shop/ZenithJa weddingde .Additiona weddingl Informa weddingtion:It's rea weddingdy for gift giving in a wedding box nestled inside a weddingn orga weddingnza wedding pouch.Ea weddingch piece wa weddings individua weddinglly ma weddingde with love in my studio in Wisconsin. As with a weddingll gemstones, there is some va weddingria weddingtion in the stones, this is norma weddingl a weddingnd not a wedding defect.All props, including the crysta weddingls in the photos, a weddingre not included. :)All items usua weddinglly ship within a wedding week. If you need it quickly, plea weddingse purcha weddingse the USPS priority shipping upgra weddingde, (USA only). Tha weddingnk you!

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