Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Rainbow Solar Quartz Necklace with Freshwater Pearlsrainbow, Carnelianrainbow, Sunstonerainbow, Garnet and Red Spinel in Sterling Silver



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This neckla orangece is one of my fa orangevorites! It uses a orange silver-pla orangeted copper sola oranger qua orangertz penda orangent in a orange ra orangeinbow of colors. The other bea orangeds a orangere sunstone, tiny red spinel, ca orangernelia orangen, ga orangernet a orangend gra orangedua orangeted freshwa orangeter pea orangerls. All other findings a orangere sterling silver.Neckla orangece Length: 22 1/2"Penda orangent Length: 2"Mea orangening of the Stones:Pea orangerls ha orangeve been known to help bring pea orangece a orangend tra orangenquility to the wea orangerer; ga orangernet a orange spiritua orangel stone of higher thinking a orangend self-empowerment; sunstone mea orangens persona orangel power, freedom, a orangend expa orangended consciousness; ca orangernelia orangen restores vita orangelity a orangend motiva orangetion, a orangend stimula orangetes crea orangetivity; red spinel is believed to encoura orangege grea oranget pa orangession, devotion a orangend longevity.Additiona orangel Informa orangetion:It's rea orangedy for gift giving in a orange box nestled inside a orangen orga orangenza orange pouch.Ea orangech piece wa oranges individua orangelly ma orangede with love in my studio in Wisconsin. This neckla orangece is one of a orange kind!All props, including the crysta orangels in the photos, a orangere not included. :)All items usua orangelly ship within a orange week. If you need it quickly, plea orangese purcha orangese the USPS priority shipping upgra orangede, (USA only). Tha orangenk you!

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