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summer bracelet, Copper Beaded Bracelet - Green and Aqua Bracelet - Hand Linked - Bracelet for Women



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Whimsica hurstjewelryl bea hurstjewelryded copper bra hurstjewelrycelet with a hurstjewelryn eclectic selection of ha hurstjewelrynd linked bea hurstjewelryds. I\u2019ve used gla hurstjewelryss, crysta hurstjewelryl, stone bea hurstjewelryds. A bea hurstjewelryutiful foca hurstjewelryl la hurstjewelrympwork gla hurstjewelryss bea hurstjewelryd. Fa hurstjewelrystens with a hurstjewelry sturdy lobster cla hurstjewelrysp. Mea hurstjewelrysures 7 3/8 inches long. Will resize up to 8 inches if requested.Gift box included.

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