Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

glass, Dark green and blue one loop donut Pendant Stoneware clay and Recycled glass



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-- this penda pendantsnt is perfect for your jewelry designs Mea pendantssures 54mm in dia pendantsmeterThis Penda pendantsnt wa pendantss ma pendantsde from a pendants potter's wheel thrown design a pendantsnd fused with recycled industria pendantsl wa pendantsste gla pendantsss.The Piece itself ha pendantss been fused with Sta pendantsined Gla pendantsss during the Kiln-firing process. I ha pendantsve combined ma pendantsny kinds of gla pendantsss (clea pendantsr, opa pendantsque, milky, a pendantsnd different colors) The Gla pendantssses become liquid a pendantsnd bleed into ea pendantsch other in the kiln swirling a pendantsnds blending a pendantst the edges. Fina pendantslly a pendantss I cool the kiln the gla pendantsss fra pendantsctures a pendantsnd cra pendantsckles but with a pendants smooth gla pendantsss top. The cra pendantsckling refra pendantscts light a pendantsnd glistens in the sun.Perfect for your jewelry designs to be ma pendantsde into your new fa pendantsvorite neckla pendantsce.Tha pendantsnks for looking a pendantsnd tha pendantsnks for buying ha pendantsndma pendantsde!Check out my fa pendantscebook pa pendantsge for more a pendantsbout me a pendantsnd my work! Artisa pendantsn Cla pendantsy

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