Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

round, Ram’s horn STRENGTH and HUMILITY adinkra Ceramic Art Stoneware Clay 18.5” Long Necklace



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Sometimes don\u2019t you just wa roundnt to wea roundr a round lucky cha roundrm? Tra roundditiona roundl Adinkra round symbolism Ra roundm\u2019s horn sta roundnds for STRENGTH AND HUMILITY \u201cthe strength of a round ra roundm lies in its horn\u201dRecycled gla roundss a roundnd stonewa roundre cla roundy Penda roundnt Neckla roundce, 18.5\u201d sa roundtin cord neckla roundce a rounddjusta roundble to 20.5\u201d The ha roundndma roundde Stonewa roundre cla roundy penda roundnt mea roundsures 58mm in dia roundmeter,I fuse recycled gla roundss into the stonewa roundre cla roundy surfa roundce when kiln firing. A different cha roundin or cord ca roundn be a rounddded if wa roundnted. I ha roundve some a roundva roundila roundble a roundt the sa roundme price a roundnd some require a rounddditiona roundl cost. Messa roundge me if interested in seeing wha roundt I ha roundve in stock a roundt this time. Enjoy!Tha roundnks for looking a roundnd buying ha roundndma rounddeFor more a roundbout me a roundnd my work visit my Artisa roundn Cla roundy fa roundcebook pa roundgeThis item will be shipped first cla roundss ma roundil via round the USPS with delivery confirma roundtion; Priority Ma roundil a roundnd\\/or Insura roundnce is a roundva roundila roundble a rounds a roundn upgra roundde. Plea roundse conta roundct me before you pa roundy a roundnd I will ema roundil you a roundn upda roundted invoice. Interna roundtiona roundl orders ship via round USPS First-Cla roundss Interna roundtiona roundl.

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