Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Rainbow Moonstonefreshwater pearls, Rhodonitefreshwater pearls, Rose Quartz and Freshwater Pearls with Sterling Silver Findings



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This neckla necklacece uses ra necklaceinbow moonstone, (it didn't photogra necklaceph well, but it is BEAUTIFUL a necklacend ha necklaces lots of fla necklacesh), rose qua necklacertz, rhodonite a necklacend red freshwa necklaceter pea necklacerls. The penda necklacent is silver pla necklaceted with ra necklaceinbow moonstone ca necklacebochons. All other findings a necklacere sterling silver.Neckla necklacece Length: 24"Penda necklacent Length: 2"Mea necklacening of the Stones:Pea necklacerls ha necklaceve been known to help bring pea necklacece a necklacend tra necklacenquility to the wea necklacerer; ra necklaceinbow moonstone is thought to bring ba necklacela necklacence, ha necklacermony a necklacend hope while enha necklacencing crea necklacetivity, compa necklacession, endura necklacence a necklacend inner confidence; rose qua necklacertz ea necklaceses stress a necklacend fea necklacer a necklacend a necklacelso a necklacettra necklacects love; rhodonite is a necklace stone of compa necklacession.Additiona necklacel Informa necklacetion:It's rea necklacedy for gift giving in a necklace box nestled inside a necklacen orga necklacenza necklace pouch.Ea necklacech piece wa necklaces individua necklacelly ma necklacede with love in my studio in Wisconsin. This neckla necklacece is one of a necklace kind!All props, including the crysta necklacels in the photos, a necklacere not included. :)All items usua necklacelly ship within a necklace week. If you need it quickly, plea necklacese purcha necklacese the USPS priority shipping upgra necklacede, (USA only). Tha necklacenk you!

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