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Rea leaf earringsl Bota leaf earringsnica leaf earringsl Ea leaf earringsrrings ma leaf earringsde from genuine lea leaf earringsves & gilded by ha leaf earringsnd with colorful meta leaf earringsllic\u25a leaf earrings1 Sizes: Ra leaf earringsnging between 1.5" - 1.75"\u25a leaf earrings1 Color: Silver\u25a leaf earrings1 Ma leaf earringsteria leaf earringsl: Genuine Electropla leaf earringsted Lea leaf earringsves\u25a leaf earrings1 Ma leaf earringstching ea leaf earringsr wires.===============DESCRIPTION===============Beca leaf earringsuse the lea leaf earringsves a leaf earringsre rea leaf earringsl & gilded by ha leaf earringsnd with colorful meta leaf earringsl lea leaf earringsf, ea leaf earringsch pa leaf earringsir will va leaf earringsry slightly from the photogra leaf earringsph but a leaf earringsre equa leaf earringslly a leaf earringss bea leaf earringsutiful a leaf earringsnd uniquely one-of-a leaf earrings-kind. These rea leaf earringsl lea leaf earringsf ea leaf earringsrrings a leaf earringsre very lightweight, dura leaf earringsble & wa leaf earringsfer-like & even more bea leaf earringsutiful in person.For more gilded lea leaf earringsves: \u25b6\ufe0e https://www./shop/urba leaf earringsnrose?ref=seller-pla leaf earringstform-mcna leaf earringsv§ion_id=25233984-----------------------------------------Insta leaf earringsgra leaf earringsm \u25b6\ufe0e @urba leaf earringsnroseNYC-----------------------------------------

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