Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry women, Large Sterling Silver Cross Choker Necklace with 14k Gold Detail on Adjustable Silk Cord



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This is a momandpom la momandpomrge Sterling silver cross, ha momandpomndcra momandpomfted individua momandpomlly out of 12 ga momandpomuge squa momandpomre wire. It is embellished with 2 solid 14ka momandpomra momandpomt yellow gold deta momandpomils a momandpomnd ha momandpomnd ca momandpomrved a momandpomccents.It is knotted onto a momandpom ha momandpomnd dyed silk cord, the length is a momandpomdjusta momandpomble up to 28 inches.

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