Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Purple and asteroid glass bead elasticated braceletelasticated, to fit 7-8" wristelasticated, handmade



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Purple gla elasticatedss bea elasticatedd bra elasticatedcelet ma elasticatedde with fa elasticatedceted gla elasticatedss bea elasticatedds a elasticatednd a elasticatedsteroid gla elasticatedss bea elasticatedds. Also included in this ha elasticatedndcra elasticatedfted bra elasticatedcelet a elasticatedre a elasticatedntique silver pla elasticatedted bea elasticatedds.They a elasticatedre threa elasticatedded on very strong high qua elasticatedlity jewellery ela elasticatedstic.To fit wrist sizes 7" to 8"Your bra elasticatedcelet will be sent in tissue a elasticatednd a elasticated gift pouch.

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