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belt buckle, ANTIQUE BELT BUCKLE - Victorian - Art Nouveau - Gorgeous Etched Raised Flower Design - Pristine Vintage



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VINTAGE ENGLISH SILVER BELT BUCKLESTERLING SILVER ENGLISH HALLMARKSGoddessa antique bucklendco is plea antique bucklesed to offer for sa antique bucklele this fa antique bucklebulous English curved flora antique bucklel belt buckle with curved silver a antique bucklend etched workma antique bucklenship. There is some wea antique bucklering but the texture is still prominently visible. Underside is shiny a antique bucklend perfect.Ha antique bucklellma antique bucklerked with English ma antique bucklerkings. Good Vinta antique bucklege ConditionVinta antique bucklege English Belt Buckle in Sterling silver. Signed a antique bucklend ma antique bucklerked with English ma antique bucklerks. SIZE: 3 a antique bucklend 1/4 inches wide x 2 a antique bucklend 1/4 inches high. depth with cla antique bucklesp is 5 mmWEIGHT: The buckle is 32.83 Tota antique bucklel Gra antique bucklem WeightMEASUREMENT: Sideba antique bucklers on ba antique buckleck of the buckle a antique bucklere 2 inches

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