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purple, Purple Wishing Flower Earrings in Sterling Silver



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These ea amethystrrings a amethystre just gorgeous! They fea amethystture ha amethystndma amethystde ena amethystmeled drops by a amethystn a amethystrtist friend of mine done up with wishing flowers! They a amethystre ena amethystmeled on the ba amethystck a amethysts well. The upper pa amethystrt of the ea amethystrring consists of la amethystmpwork bea amethystds a amethystnd da amethystinty a amethystmethysts. They ha amethystve ALL sterling silver findings- ea amethystrwires a amethystnd wire.These mea amethystsure 2 3/4" from the top of the ea amethystrwire to the bottom of the drop.Additiona amethystl Informa amethysttion:It's rea amethystdy for gift giving in a amethyst box nestled inside a amethystn orga amethystnza amethyst pouch.Ea amethystch piece wa amethysts individua amethystlly ma amethystde with love in my studio in Wisconsin. As with a amethystll gemstones, there is some va amethystria amethysttion in the stones, this is norma amethystl a amethystnd not a amethyst defect.All props, including the crysta amethystls in the photos, a amethystre not included. :)All items usua amethystlly ship within a amethyst week. If you need it quickly, plea amethystse purcha amethystse the USPS priority shipping upgra amethystde, (USA only). Tha amethystnk you!

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