Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

double strand pearls, Elegant Vintage Pearls * Long Double Strand * Beautiful Rhinestone Clasp *( #6) * Hollywood Pearl Necklace *



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Olde Hollywood Era vintage pearls, Vinta vintage pearlsge Double Stra vintage pearlsnd Pea vintage pearlsrl Neckla vintage pearlsce, Elega vintage pearlsnt Long Pea vintage pearlsrl Neckla vintage pearlsce with La vintage pearlsrge Rhinestone Cla vintage pearlssp. Cla vintage pearlssp works, but ha vintage pearlss two rhinestones missing. Length: 16" long. Grea vintage pearlst for elega vintage pearlsnt ga vintage pearlstherings, costume pa vintage pearlsrty, or everyda vintage pearlsy with jea vintage pearlsns.Could even wea vintage pearlsr the Rhinestone cla vintage pearlssp in the front.*Cla vintage pearlssp works.

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