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purple, Amethyst Teardrop Pendant with Sterling Silver Chain



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This is a silver genuine gemstone a silvermethyst briolette tea silverrdrop penda silvernt. It mea silversures 2" long on a silver ha silvernd-wrought a silverluminum fra silverme. The thin wire is silver pla silverted copper. Cha silverin is sterling silver in your choice of 16" or 18".Additiona silverl Informa silvertion:It's rea silverdy for gift giving in a silver box nestled inside a silvern orga silvernza silver pouch.All wires were ha silvernd-twisted by me, just using simple tools, ma silverde lovingly in my studio in Wisconsin.All items usua silverlly ship within a silver week. If you need it quickly, plea silverse purcha silverse the USPS priority shipping upgra silverde, (USA only). Tha silvernk you!

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