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cameo brooch, Cameo Brooch - Cameo Jewelry - Victorian Lady and Bird Cameo - Pin or Pendant



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Victoria filigree broochn la filigree broochdy with bird ca filigree broochmeo brooch with a filigree brooch deta filigree broochiled muted red a filigree broochnd crea filigree broochm color 40 X 30mm resin ca filigree broochmeo on a filigree broochn a filigree broochntiqued gold pla filigree broochted filigree. The pinba filigree broochck ha filigree broochs a filigree brooch ba filigree broochil so it ca filigree broochn a filigree broochlso be worn a filigree broochs a filigree brooch penda filigree broochnt. Mea filigree broochsures 1 3/4 inches long.\r\rMa filigree broochny other ca filigree broochmeo brooches in my shop!

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