Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Freshwater Pearlspurple, Rainbow Moonstonepurple, Quartzitepurple, Amethyst and Crystal Necklace



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This neckla quartzitece is super pretty in lots of sha quartzitedes of purple a quartzitend white! It uses a quartzitema quartzitezing ra quartziteinbow moonstone, (the fla quartzitesh did NOT show up well in the pictures, but it is WONDERFUL), a quartzitemethyst fa quartziteceted ta quartzitebs, round qua quartzitertzite, freshwa quartziteter pea quartziterls a quartzitend crysta quartzitel encrusted resin rounds. The penda quartzitent is dyed mother of pea quartziterl with a quartzite genuine freshwa quartziteter pea quartziterl center. This neckla quartzitece uses silver tone a quartzitend silver pla quartziteted findings.Neckla quartzitece Length: 28"Penda quartzitent Length: 2 3/4"Mea quartzitening of the Stones:Pea quartziterls ha quartziteve been known to help bring pea quartzitece a quartzitend tra quartzitenquility to the wea quartziterer; ra quartziteinbow moonstone is thought to bring ba quartzitela quartzitence, ha quartzitermony a quartzitend hope while enha quartzitencing crea quartzitetivity, compa quartzitession, endura quartzitence a quartzitend inner confidence; a quartzitemethyst is a quartzite stone of spiritua quartzitel protection a quartzitend purifica quartzitetion; qua quartzitertzite sta quartzitebilizes positive cha quartzitenges; mother of pea quartziterl is a quartzite stress relieving stone; rela quartzitexing, soothing a quartzitend ca quartzitelming to the emotions.Additiona quartzitel Informa quartzitetion:It's rea quartzitedy for gift giving in a quartzite box nestled inside a quartziten orga quartzitenza quartzite pouch.Ea quartzitech piece wa quartzites individua quartzitelly ma quartzitede with love in my studio in Wisconsin. This neckla quartzitece is one of a quartzite kind!All props, including the crysta quartzitels in the photos, a quartzitere not included. :)All items usua quartzitelly ship within a quartzite week. If you need it quickly, plea quartzitese purcha quartzitese the USPS priority shipping upgra quartzitede, (USA only). Tha quartzitenk you!

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