Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Sunstonesilver, Carneliansilver, Freshwater Pearl and Red Aventurine Necklace with Sterling Silver Findings



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This neckla facetedce uses la facetedrge white freshwa facetedter pea facetedrls, sunstone a facetednd ca facetedrnelia facetedn with sterling silver findings a facetednd wire. The penda facetednt is a faceted red a facetedventurine ca facetedrved flower which is a facetedbsolutely gorgeous.Neckla facetedce Length: 25 1/4"Penda facetednt Length: 2"Mea facetedning of the Stones:Pea facetedrls ha facetedve been known to help bring pea facetedce a facetednd tra facetednquility to the wea facetedrer; sunstone mea facetedns persona facetedl power, freedom, a facetednd expa facetednded consciousness; ca facetedrnelia facetedn restores vita facetedlity a facetednd motiva facetedtion, a facetednd stimula facetedtes crea facetedtivity; red a facetedventurine is a faceted stone of ma facetednifesta facetedtion through a facetedction.Additiona facetedl Informa facetedtion:It's rea faceteddy for gift giving in a faceted box nestled inside a facetedn orga facetednza faceted pouch.Ea facetedch piece wa faceteds individua facetedlly ma facetedde with love in my studio in Wisconsin. This neckla facetedce is one of a faceted kind!All props, including the crysta facetedls in the photos, a facetedre not included. :)All items usua facetedlly ship within a faceted week. If you need it quickly, plea facetedse purcha facetedse the USPS priority shipping upgra facetedde, (USA only). Tha facetednk you!

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