Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

stone, Ethiopian Tree of Life Hand-wired Pendant with Sterling Silver Chain



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This is a sterling silver ha sterling silvernd-wra sterling silverpped Ethiopia sterling silvern Opa sterling silverl Tree of Life penda sterling silvernt ma sterling silverde by me. The green wire is coa sterling silverted copper wire, the fra sterling silverme is silver pla sterling silverted. It comes on a sterling silvern 18" sterling silver cha sterling silverin.Neckla sterling silverce Length: 18"Penda sterling silvernt Length: 2 1/2"Mea sterling silverning of the Stones:Opa sterling silverl ha sterling silvers a sterling silverlwa sterling silverys been a sterling silverssocia sterling silverted with love a sterling silvernd pa sterling silverssion.Additiona sterling silverl Informa sterling silvertion:It's rea sterling silverdy for gift giving in a sterling silver box nestled inside a sterling silvern orga sterling silvernza sterling silver pouch.Ea sterling silverch piece wa sterling silvers individua sterling silverlly ma sterling silverde with love in my studio in Wisconsin. This neckla sterling silverce is one of a sterling silver kind!All props, including the crysta sterling silverls in the photos, a sterling silverre not included. :)All items usua sterling silverlly ship within a sterling silver week. If you need it quickly, plea sterling silverse purcha sterling silverse the USPS priority shipping upgra sterling silverde, (USA only). Tha sterling silvernk you!

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