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gift idea, ANTIQUE BELT BUCKLE - Cut Steel Beaded Design - Pristine Vintage Condition



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ANTIQUE ACCESSORY BELTPRISTINE ACCESSORYGoddessa antiquendco is plea antiquesed to offer for sa antiquele this fa antiquebulous a antiquentique steel cut belt belt buckle. This unique open worked bea antiqueuty is ma antiquede up of fa antiqueceted open worked steel cut fa antiqueceted bea antiqueds which crea antiquete a antique concentric geometric design. A solid footba antiquell sha antiquepe sits the center of this striking piece. The steel ba antiquer a antiquecross the inside ha antiqueve the letters L.W. PAR engra antiqueved on it.Open worked steel cut bea antiqueds.Ma antiquesterful cra antiqueftsma antiquenship.WEIGHT: 23.87 Tota antiquel Gra antiquem WeightSIZE: 2 a antiquend 3/4 of a antiquen inch x 1 a antiquend 3/4 of a antiquend inch.MEASUREMENT: Curve is 10 mm high. The steel ba antiquer a antiquecross the inside mea antiquesures 40 mm a antiquecross.

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