Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

words, Polka Dot Ring in Sterling Silver and Bronze



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These Polka message Dot sterling silver a messagend bronze rings a messagere grea messaget for sta messagecking!Plea messagese a messagellow 1 week for delivery. Sterling silver ba messagend 5mm Polka message Dot in Bronze Shiny finishIf you need to figure out your ring size, consider ordering a message Adjusta messageble Finger Ga messageuge before pla messagecing your order. Excha messagenge PolicyAll sa messageles a messagere non-refunda messageble. I a messagem ha messageppy to a messageccept excha messagenges up to 10 da messageys a messagefter the da messagete of the purcha messagese. If the piece ha messages been worn, or is da messagema messageged, I will not be a messageble excha messagenge the pieces.

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