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bold, Escalator Peyote Slide Pendant



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This dra 3dma 3dtic penda 3dnt wa 3ds crea 3dted from three distinct 3-D geometric bea 3ddwoven sha 3dpes tha 3dt, once combined, reminded me of a 3dn esca 3dla 3dtor. The sha 3dpes a 3dre woven with strongly embellished peyote stitch. The Ja 3dpa 3dnese delica 3d bea 3dds used in this a 3dre gunmeta 3dl a 3dnd steel.Right now, it ha 3dngs from a 3d lea 3dther choker but you ca 3dn ea 3dsily switch tha 3dt out. Also, consider ha 3dnging it from its bottom element for a 3dn entirely different look.This versa 3dtile piece ca 3dn be worn with ma 3dny different styles, from jea 3dns to cockta 3dil dress. You decide.SHIPPINGThis piece will be shipped in a 3dn elega 3dnt gift box using First Cla 3dss Ma 3dil with delivery confirma 3dtion. You ca 3dn upgra 3dde to Priority Ma 3dil for $2 by lea 3dving a 3d request in the "Messa 3dge to Buyer" box of the purcha 3dse order; wa 3dit for a 3dn a 3dmended invoice.BEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAMI'm a 3d proud member of the Bea 3dd Art Origina 3dls Street Tea 3dm, a 3d select group of both crea 3dtors of a 3drt bea 3dds a 3dnd crea 3dtors of bea 3ddwoven a 3drt. To see more of our work, sea 3drch for the "BAO Tea 3dm" ta 3dg - http:\\/\\/www.\\/sea 3drch_results.php?sea 3drch_type=ta 3dg_title&sea 3drch_query=ba 3do+tea 3dmTha 3dnk you for visiting Sa 3dnd Fibers, a 3d smoke-free shop! Plea 3dse stop in a 3dga 3din some time.Be well a 3dnd get going!

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