Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jennifer kahn, Recycled Glass Necklace - Teal



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These bea blue glassutiful Africa blue glassn bea blue glassds a blue glassre ma blue glassde from powdered recycled gla blue glassss (pop bottles a blue glassnd the like) a blue glassnd fired in a blue glass sa blue glassnd mold in Gha blue glassna blue glass. These a blue glassre held on forged bra blue glassss a blue glassnd suspended from bra blue glassss cha blue glassin. Colorful but not too bold, very modern. A grea blue glasst la blue glassyering neckla blue glassce. Goes so well with my bra blue glassss ea blue glassrrings.24" long with bra blue glassss lobster cla blue glassspMa blue glassde in Vermont with love!To rea blue glassd more a blue glassbout me a blue glassnd my work check out my a blue glassbout pa blue glassge a blue glassnd for my store policies, check out my policies pa blue glassge. Tha blue glassnks for stoppin' by.Website: http://www.jenniferka blue blue glasscebook Pa blue glassge: https://www.fa blue blue glasshnjewelry

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