Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bronzite, Mandala Necklace with Freshwater Pearls and Bronzite



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The wooden ma necklacenda necklacela necklace penda necklacent wa necklaces la necklaceser engra necklaceved by some friends of mine. The rest of the neckla necklacece is ma necklacede up of la necklacerge freshwa necklaceter pea necklacerls, pyrite rounds, bronzite pillows, wood a necklacend crysta necklacel spa necklacecers. The neckla necklacece uses a necklace TOGGLE cla necklacesp- the neckla necklacece extenders will not work with this neckla necklacece. All findings a necklacere silver tone a necklacend silver pla necklaceted.Neckla necklacece Length: 24"Penda necklacent Length: 1 1/2"Mea necklacening of the Stones:Pea necklacerls ha necklaceve been known to help bring pea necklacece a necklacend tra necklacenquility to the wea necklacerer; pyrite is known to help cla necklacerify menta necklacel blocks a necklacend encoura necklaceges decision ma necklaceking- it ca necklacen a necklacelso help with menta necklacel focus; bronzite helps promote pea necklacece a necklacend ha necklacermony.Additiona necklacel Informa necklacetion:It's rea necklacedy for gift giving in a necklace box nestled inside a necklacen orga necklacenza necklace pouch.Ea necklacech piece wa necklaces individua necklacelly ma necklacede with love in my studio in Wisconsin. This neckla necklacece is one of a necklace kind!All props, including the crysta necklacels in the photos, a necklacere not included. :)All items usua necklacelly ship within a necklace week. If you need it quickly, plea necklacese purcha necklacese the USPS priority shipping upgra necklacede, (USA only). Tha necklacenk you!

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