Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

freshwater pearls, Ice Blue Beaded Necklace with Druzy Pendant



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This is a apatite rea apatitelly bea apatiteutiful neckla apatitece in Ice Blues using sta apatiter cut a apatitepa apatitetite, a apatitema apatitezonite ta apatitebs, Czech gla apatitess a apatitend freshwa apatiteter pea apatiterls. The penda apatitent is genuine dyed druzy a apatitend is electropla apatiteted. The neckla apatitece uses silver pla apatiteted a apatitend silver tone findings.Neckla apatitece Length: 24 1/4"Penda apatitent Length: 1 3/4"Mea apatitening of the Stones:Pea apatiterls ha apatiteve been known to help bring pea apatitece a apatitend tra apatitenquility to the wea apatiterer; a apatitepa apatitetite encoura apatiteges crea apatitetivity a apatitend intellect; a apatitema apatitezonite filters out stessors, druzy helps to ca apatitelm you down.Additiona apatitel Informa apatitetion:It's rea apatitedy for gift giving in a apatite box nestled inside a apatiten orga apatitenza apatite pouch. Ea apatitech piece wa apatites individua apatitelly ma apatitede with love in my studio in Wisconsin. This neckla apatitece is one of a apatite kind!All props, including the crysta apatitels in the photos, a apatitere not included. :)All items usua apatitelly ship within a apatite week. If you need it quickly, plea apatitese purcha apatitese the USPS priority shipping upgra apatitede, (USA only). Tha apatitenk you!

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