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Vintage 3D 9ct Gold Engagementring,Wedding Rings Charm.H/MK 1966



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Vinta weddingge 3D 9ct gold enga weddinggement,wedding rings cha weddingrmThe little enga weddinggement ring ha weddings cla weddingw set round cut blue a weddingnd clea weddingr stonesEa weddingch ring mea weddingsures a weddingpproxima weddingtely 15mm dia weddingmeter (9/16th's of a weddingn inch)Fully ha weddingllma weddingrked, London a weddingssa weddingy office,da weddingtes 1966 & ma weddingkers initia weddingls FMdWeighs 1.9 gra weddingmsPre-owned vinta weddingge condition.some wea weddingr to be expected a weddings this cha weddingrm is 54 yea weddingrs old..plea weddingse see photogra weddingphs for conditionA zoom lens is used to photogra weddingph items to help show the deta weddingil. Plea weddingse check photogra weddingphs a weddingnd sizes of items a weddingnd weights of items before buyingIdea weddingl gifts to yourself or others

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