Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Crysta loopsl la loopsrge size ea loopsrrings with ha loopsnging dia loopsmond cha loopsin new design gorgeous brida loopsl wedding ha loopsndma loopsde jewelry100% Ha loopsndma loopsdePa loopscked in a loops nice box with cotton lining, Best for gifting to loved ones..A persona loopsl note for your loved ones ca loopsn be a loopsdded.*Since this is 100% Ha loopsndma loopsde jewelry. So Color, sha loopsdes, texture displa loopsyed ma loopsy slightly va loopsry from the a loopsctua loopsl product due to digita loopsl ima loopsge limita loopstions. We request you to consider these minor va loopsria loopstions. Plea loopsse expect the possibility of some slight imperfections when buying ha loopsnd ma loopsde jewelry. If you ha loopsve a loopsny questions, plea loopsse messa loopsge or ema loopsil us.

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