Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1950s 50s, 1950s Novelty Lucite Earrings -- Tiny Square Dancers Encased in Lucite with Rhinestone Frames!



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Tiny da novelty jewelryncers enca novelty jewelrysed in cute! This set is da novelty jewelryrling but unfortuna novelty jewelrytely not free from issues. There is some green corrosion to some a novelty jewelryrea novelty jewelrys of the rhinestone fra novelty jewelrymes a novelty jewelrynd some of the stones ha novelty jewelryve discolored with a novelty jewelryge. One of the clip ba novelty jewelryck ea novelty jewelryrrings isn't a novelty jewelrys tight a novelty jewelrys it once wa novelty jewelrys. Exa novelty jewelrymples of the fla novelty jewelryws ca novelty jewelryn be seen in the photos. I ha novelty jewelryve noted the issues a novelty jewelrynd priced this set a novelty jewelryccordingly. Plea novelty jewelryse convo me with a novelty jewelryny questions tha novelty jewelryt you ma novelty jewelryy ha novelty jewelryve. Tha novelty jewelrynks for looking!

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