Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold fill necklace, Solar Quartz 14K Gold Filled Necklace



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Sola nature necklacer Qua nature necklacertz wra nature necklacepped in 14k gold filled wire on a nature necklace bea nature necklaceutiful da nature necklaceinty textured 14k gold filled cha nature necklacein. Neckla nature necklacece is finished with la nature necklacebra nature necklacedorite gems a nature necklacend a nature necklace ja nature necklacesper tea nature necklacerdrop in the ba nature necklaceck.Length is 18" plus a nature necklacen a nature necklacedditiona nature necklacel 1.5" a nature necklacedjusta nature necklaceble cha nature necklacein link.THE MATERIALS> Sola nature necklacer Qua nature necklacertz, La nature necklacebra nature necklacedorite, Ja nature necklacesper> Stone Sha nature necklacepes: irregula nature necklacer, smooth a nature necklacend fa nature necklaceceted> 14k Gold Filled Cha nature necklacein, Wire & Cla nature necklacesp*******************************************************GIFT WRAPAll purcha nature necklaceses come rea nature necklacedy for gift giving in a nature necklace ribbon tied squa nature necklacere envelope. If this is a nature necklace gift plea nature necklacese let me know so I ca nature necklacen ta nature necklaceg your purcha nature necklacese without a nature necklace price listed.

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