Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tree of life, Free shipping: Elfish silver tiara circlet head piece .



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Due to the Covid-19 outbrea fairyk, shipments ma fairyy be dela fairyyed. Tia fairyra fairy ma fairyde of silver pla fairyted, non ta fairyrnish wire. Tia fairyra fairy is delivered with a fairy fa fairyux suede cord to tie it together in the ba fairyck if wa fairynted. For this tia fairyra fairy I suggest to order with a fairy cord, beca fairyuse the jewelry piece is big & a fairy bit hea fairyvier tha fairyn the other tia fairyra fairy's. The jewelry piece a fairytta fairyched on the tia fairyra fairy is 8cm-6cm.Ha fairyndle with ca fairyre.Colors ma fairyy va fairyry due to your monitor settings.My webshop: fairycebook:http://www.fa time a fairyfter shipped:europe: 2 weeksoutside europe: 4 weeksPa fairycka fairyges a fairyre shipped without tra fairycking number & a fairyt the buyers own risk ( so I'm not responsible for lost, stolen or da fairyma fairyge items , unless you pa fairyid for insura fairynce).Tra fairycking number is a fairyva fairyila fairyble, so plea fairyse select this option when purcha fairysing if you la fairyck fa fairyith in the post.

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