Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling, KittyD Sterling Wrapped Gem Quality Australian Variscite Pendant OOAK Artisan Jewelry



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KittyD Sterling Wra artisan jewelrypped Gem Qua artisan jewelrylity Austra artisan jewelrylia artisan jewelryn Va artisan jewelryriscite Penda artisan jewelrynt OOAK Artisa artisan jewelryn JewelryThis gorgeous penda artisan jewelrynt wa artisan jewelrys crea artisan jewelryted with this gem qua artisan jewelrylity ca artisan jewelrybochon tha artisan jewelryt I purcha artisan jewelrysed from the America artisan jewelryn la artisan jewelrypida artisan jewelryry a artisan jewelryrtist, John Heusler. The penda artisan jewelrynt mea artisan jewelrysures 2 inches long by 3/5" inch wide. I wra artisan jewelrypped it in sterling to a artisan jewelryccent its bea artisan jewelryuty.

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