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Very pretty orna cross earringste cross ea cross earringsrrings. Design on both sides. Lightly a cross earringsntiqued to show a cross earringsll the a cross earringsma cross earringszing deta cross earringsil.Medium sized solid Sterling silver. Ha cross earringsnd ca cross earringsst in top qua cross earringslity silver. Da cross earringsngles from Sterling lever ba cross earringsck wires.The size of the cross is 1" in length. Tha cross earringsnks for looking!IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION BELOW, PLEASE READ:US ORDERS-My ca cross earringsrt is set a cross earringst a cross earrings fla cross earringst ra cross earringste for USPS First Cla cross earringsss Ma cross earringsil. You will ha cross earringsve a cross earrings option a cross earringst checkout to upgra cross earringsde to USPS Priority Ma cross earringsil if you like.Tra cross earringscking a cross earringsnd insura cross earringsnce up to $100.00 is included in both.First Cla cross earringsss ma cross earringsil is estima cross earringsted a cross earringst 3-5 business da cross earringsys but ca cross earringsn be up to 10+ da cross earringsys in ra cross earringsre ca cross earringsses. Of course, wea cross earringsther a cross earringsnd holida cross earringsys ca cross earringsn a cross earringslso pla cross earringsy a cross earrings role in a cross earringsdding a cross earringsdditiona cross earringsl da cross earringsys to your shipping. Priority ma cross earringsil is genera cross earringslly 1-3 business da cross earringsys.I do my very best to ma cross earringske sure your pa cross earringscka cross earringsge will a cross earringsrrive sa cross earringsfely a cross earringsnd quickly. Plea cross earringsse understa cross earringsnd tha cross earringst once it lea cross earringsves my ha cross earringsnds I ha cross earringsve no control of exa cross earringsctlywhen your item will get to you. You will be a cross earringsble to check the sta cross earringstus of your shipping with the tra cross earringscking informa cross earringstion you will receive once the item ha cross earringss left.INTERNATIONAL ORDERS-I ha cross earringsve removed Interna cross earringstiona cross earringsl shipping from my ca cross earringsrt but a cross earringsm ha cross earringsppy to ship to most loca cross earringstions a cross earringss long a cross earringss you conta cross earringsct me first.Plea cross earringsse do not ma cross earringske the purcha cross earringsse of your desired item before conta cross earringscting me.Convo me your full a cross earringsddress a cross earringsnd the item/items you a cross earringsre interested in so tha cross earringst I ca cross earringsn ca cross earringslcula cross earringste exa cross earringsct shipping a cross earringsnd set up a cross earrings specia cross earringsllisting for you. I will ONLY send Interna cross earringstiona cross earringsl by wa cross earringsy of USPS Priority tha cross earringst includes insura cross earringsnce a cross earringsnd tra cross earringscking.

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