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valentine, HEART Fused Glass And Copper Pendant (Ready to Ship)



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This simple design fea rustictures a rustic red copper hea rusticrt cut out by ha rusticnd from a rustic sheet of copper. Fused between two la rusticyers of clea rusticr gla rusticss, it a rusticppea rusticrs ha rusticnging in the center of the penda rusticnt surrounded by na rustictura rusticlly-occurring a rusticir bubbles. \r\rThe white strip of gla rusticss a rustict the top ca rusticn be custom ma rusticde in a rusticny color of your choice. It is designed to hide the ba rusticil a rusticnd cha rusticllenge the simplicity of the piece. \r\rThe penda rusticnt is 2" long a rusticnd 1" wide. It comes with a rustic la rusticrge silver-pla rusticted ba rusticil to a rusticccommoda rusticte a rusticny cord or cha rusticin you might a rusticlrea rusticdy ha rusticve. A ma rustictching ribbon-cord ca rusticn be a rusticdded to this piece for $5.00. Plea rusticse, conta rusticct me if you would like to a rusticdd one.

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