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Handcrafted Stacking Ring Set of 3 with Solid 14k Gold Pebblesolid gold rings, All Sizes



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This is a fidget rings sta fidget ringscking ring set of three 1.5mm ring ba fidget ringsnds with 3 solid 14k yellow gold pebbles. I offer the these sets with a fidget rings textured or slightly ha fidget ringsmmered ring ba fidget ringsnd.These a fidget ringsre grea fidget ringst for sta fidget ringscking, fa fidget ringsbulous for ma fidget ringstching with rings you a fidget ringslrea fidget ringsdy own in gold or silver.Ha fidget ringsppiness is, when you a fidget ringss a fidget rings customer a fidget ringsre thrilled with your purcha fidget ringsse a fidget ringsnd hopefully love to wea fidget ringsr my ha fidget ringsndcra fidget ringsfted jewelry.If there is a fidget ringsny rea fidget ringsson to not be 100% sa fidget ringstisfied with your purcha fidget ringsse PLEASE don't hesita fidget ringste to conta fidget ringsct me. I' a fidget ringsm certa fidget ringsin tha fidget ringst a fidget ringsll pieces ca fidget ringsn be a fidget ringsdjusted a fidget ringsnd I will be ha fidget ringsppy to do so. This will elimina fidget ringste a fidget ringsny problems you might ha fidget ringsve with your order a fidget ringsnd will help me to build my shop. :)Your item(s) will be shipped via fidget rings USPS First Cla fidget ringsss, unless you ha fidget ringsve other preferences. Plea fidget ringsse send me a fidget rings note before ordering.You will receive a fidget rings notice with a fidget rings tra fidget ringscking number a fidget ringsfter your item(s) is shipped. - Plea fidget ringsse double check your shipping a fidget ringsddress before ordering to a fidget ringsvoid a fidget ringsny prolonged shipping time.- Tra fidget ringsck your pa fidget ringscka fidget ringsge to know, when to expect it. - Lea fidget ringsve a fidget rings note a fidget ringst the door/ ma fidget ringsilbox for the delivery person to lea fidget ringsve your pa fidget ringscka fidget ringsge a fidget ringst a fidget rings trusted neighbor's house, if you a fidget ringsre not home a fidget ringst the da fidget ringsy/time of delivery.Genera fidget ringslly I will not refund a fidget ringsny items tha fidget ringst might be lost or stolen a fidget ringst/in ma fidget ringsilbox, but will help investiga fidget ringste with the loca fidget ringsl post office.

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