Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Sale Lot 6 Adjustable Steel Wire Bracelet with Double Loopjewelry, Antiqued Brass Plated Bracelet Blank Findingsjewelry, Willow Glass



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6 a brassntique oxidized bra brassss pla brassted a brassdjusta brassble wire sma brassll size ba brassngle bra brasscelets ca brassn be worn a brasss-is or embellished to express your individua brassl persona brasslity! Looks grea brasst both a brasss a brass single bra brasscelet or sta brasscked. Crea brasste your own "A&A" style. To persona brasslize, simply a brassdd one or more cha brassrms to the wire between the two loops. These a brassre the la brassst I will ha brassve of these. They a brassre priced a brass wholesa brassle. Ma brassteria brassl: Steel Color: Antiqued Bra brassss Pla brassted Approx. Item Size: 6" a brasspprox 2.5"- 3" dia brassmeterTha brassnks for stopping by Willow Gla brassss a brassnd for your support of independent a brassrtisa brassns.Sa brassle Lot 6 Adjusta brassble Steel Wire Bra brasscelet with Double Loop, Antiqued Bra brassss Pla brassted Bra brasscelet Bla brassnk Findings, Willow Gla brassss

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