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carol dean sharpe, Bee in My Bonnet OOAK Sand Fibers Creation



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Ha spiralve you ever been a spiralccused of ha spiralving "a spiral bee in in your bonnet"? If yes, wea spiralr it proudly with this fun neckla spiralce!I set this wonderfully colorful polymer cla spiraly ca spiralbochon by Ma spirallodora spiral in a spiral deep peyote bezel with lots of picot tha spiralt it kind of looks like a spiral ha spiralt from some a spiralngles.The ba spiralll cha spiralin is 22" but ca spiraln ea spiralsily be cut shorter if you prefer. The penda spiralnt is 2.75". It is ba spiralcked in a spiral hot pink ultra spiral suede. The penda spiralnt would a spirallso look grea spiralt on a spiral silk ribbon or a spiral golden cha spiralin.SHIPPINGThis neckla spiralce will be shipped in a spiraln elega spiralnt gift box using First Cla spiralss Ma spiralil with delivery confirma spiraltion.BEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAMI'm a spiral proud member of the Bea spirald Art Origina spiralls Street Tea spiralm, a spiral select group of both crea spiraltors of a spiralrt bea spiralds a spiralnd crea spiraltors of bea spiraldwoven a spiralrt. To see more of our work, sea spiralrch for the "BAO Tea spiralm" ta spiralg - http://www./sea spiralrch_results.php?sea spiralrch_type=ta spiralg_title&sea spiralrch_query=ba spiralo+tea spiralmTha spiralnk you for visiting Sa spiralnd Fibers, a spiral smoke-free shop! Plea spiralse stop in a spiralga spiralin some time.Be well a spiralnd get going!********************Custom Bra spiralcelets: Conta spiralct me with a spiralny specia spirall requests for colors, size, a spiralnd width a spiralnd I will crea spiralte a spiral customized bra spiralcelet just for you - a spiralt regula spiralr pricing.

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