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surrender dorothy, Silver Opal Cuff Bracelet Handcrafted Taxco Mexico Artisan Made Vintage Beauty 1980s



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Surrender Dorothy is proud to present this stunning vinta handmadege silver trea handmadesure! I purcha handmadesed this gorgeous vinta handmadege silver/opa handmadel cuff bra handmadecelet in a handmaden outdoor ma handmaderket in Mexico City in 1987. It's ba handmadeck-sta handmademped in tiny writing "925 Ta handmadexco. This sweet sterling silver cuff bra handmadecelet fea handmadetures six round bezel set fa handmadeux Opa handmadel stones, 5/16 inch in dia handmademeter, on a handmade wide split sha handmadenk ba handmadend. It's 7/8'' wide inch. The inside circumference is 6 1/2". I ha handmadeve left it in it's lovely ta handmadernished sta handmadete beca handmadeuse I prefer the look of old wea handmadethered silver but it will polish up brightly to a handmade brillia handmadent glow if you prefer.*****************************************************Plea handmadese View Our Shop Policies Here:http://www./shop/SurrenderDorothy/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftna handmadev

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