Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Six (6) 7-1/2" silver pla bracelet blankted squa bracelet blankre-a bracelet blanknd-loop bra bracelet blankcelet forms for gluing. Squa bracelet blankres textured for extra bracelet blank grip. Eleven 10mm squa bracelet blankres, twelve 10mm connecting loops a bracelet blanknd a bracelet blank fold-over cla bracelet blanksp. Length ma bracelet blanky va bracelet blankry +/- 1/4". Silver pla bracelet blankte is a bracelet blank thin surfa bracelet blankce la bracelet blankyer of a bracelet blankctua bracelet blankl silver. Use epoxy to a bracelet blanktta bracelet blankch fused gla bracelet blankss, buttons, found objects, etc. to the fla bracelet blankt squa bracelet blankres on these bra bracelet blankcelets. Length includes fold-over cla bracelet blanksp. You will get six of these bra bracelet blankcelets. Two lots a bracelet blankre a bracelet blankva bracelet blankila bracelet blankble a bracelet blanknd tha bracelet blankt's the end of them.Tha bracelet blanknks for stopping by Willow Gla bracelet blankss a bracelet blanknd for your support of independent a bracelet blankrtisa bracelet blankns. 6 Bra bracelet blankcelet Bla bracelet blanknks, Clea bracelet blankra bracelet blanknce Sa bracelet blankle Silverpla bracelet blankted Bra bracelet blankcelet Findings, Squa bracelet blankre Textured Pa bracelet blankds for Ca bracelet blankbochons, Jewelry Supplies, Willow Gla bracelet blankss

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