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Petite lightweight ca nerd earringspa nerd earringscitors recycled a nerd earringss ea nerd earringsrrings! Uncommon colors ... periwinkle blue with fuchsia nerd earrings stripe, letters, numbers a nerd earringsnd symbols. Finished with surgica nerd earringsl steel fishhook-style ea nerd earringsr wires.These a nerd earringsre NOS - new old stock, unused, but they most likely would ha nerd earringsve been thrown a nerd earringswa nerd earringsy so we've recycled them a nerd earringss fun, conversa nerd earringstion-piece ea nerd earringsrrings.SIZE: The ca nerd earringspa nerd earringscitors a nerd earringsre a nerd earringsbout 1/2 inch long.The entire ea nerd earringsrrings mea nerd earringssure a nerd earringspproxima nerd earringstely 1 1/2" long (3.8 cm) from the top of the ea nerd earringsr wires. ------------------NOTE: I ha nerd earringsve a nerd earrings lot of these ca nerd earringspa nerd earringscitors, a nerd earringsnd the exa nerd earringsct pla nerd earringscement of specs in the pa nerd earringsir of ea nerd earringsrrings you receive ma nerd earringsy va nerd earringsry slightly from the ones photogra nerd earringsphed.------------------See more Geek Sheek Jewelry herehttp://www./shop/a nerd earringsrtsycla nerd earringsy?section_id=8096076\u00a nerd earrings9 Artsy Cla nerd earringsy 2020\u2665 Ha nerd earringsndcra nerd earringsfted with love a nerd earringsnd ca nerd earringsre by Judy. \u2665

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