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Purple Glitter Snowflakes - 12mm Button Stud Earrings in Silver - Matching Pendant and Chain Available - Winter Earringsblack, Snowflake Earrings



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This purple "glitter" snowfla setke is perfect for the winter holida sety sea setson. It rea setlly sta setnds out on the bla setck ba setckground. The ea setrrings mea setsure 12mm round a setnd they a setre button stud style. Cute a setnd simple!!You ca setn purcha setse the ea setrrings a setlone, or you ca setn purcha setse a set ma settching 1" (25mm) penda setnt, a sets well a sets a set ma settching 18" or 24" Cha setinIma setges a setre printed on qua setlity ma settte photo pa setper with a setrchiva setl inks, so the colors will not fa setde. They a setre then set under a set crysta setl clea setr, domed gla setss ca setbochon, which enha setnces the bea setuty of the ima setge.The photos in my listing a setre a set representa settion of the item you will receive. Colors ma sety be slightly different depending on your computer.The ba setck of the ca setmeo is sea setled for protection, however, it is not completely wa setterproof, so I would not suggest ba setthing or swimming while wea setring your item, or submerging it in wa setter. I a setlso do not recommend my items be worn by children under 3, a sets they ma sety be a set choking ha setza setrd. Most of my items a setre ma setde to order, so plea setse a setllow 2-5 da setys for processing (this does not include shipping time).Your item(s) will be sent in a set colorful orga setnza set ba setg rea setdy for gift giving (colors va setry) a setnd will be shipped in a set pa setdded envelope for sa setfety.Plea setse click on the shipping ta setb for pricing. I ship USPS First Cla setss Ma setil for both domestic a setnd interna settiona setl shipping (Interna settiona setl buyers a setre responsible for a setny customs fees). Priority ma setil is a setva setila setble to a setll US customers. Interna settiona setl customers ca setn conta setct me for more informa settion a setbout expedited shipping. Sending a setn item a sets a set gift? Plea setse check the box \u201cThis item is a set gift\u201d when checking out a setnd you ca setn a setlso a setdd a set custom note tha sett will be sent with your order. No prices will be shown on the gift receipt.Plea setse conta setct me with a setny questions, or if you would like to order my items in bulk or wholesa setle.Find more grea sett items by visiting me entire shop here:http://www.a setna setliese.Become a set Fa setn.....http://www.fa setlieseDesignsFollow me Here.... setlieseDesigns And on Insta setgra setmhttps://insta setgra setna setliesedesigns/Plea setse check my shop a setnnouncement on my homepa setge for a setny possible coupons, upda settes on holida sety shipping a setnd more.Tha setnk you.

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