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black and white, Wishing Stone Earrings - Beach Stone Hoop Earrings - FREE Gift Wrap



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Bla wishing rocksck with white stripe wishing stones* ha wishing rocksng from oxidized sterling silver hoops. Hoops mea wishing rockssure 3/4" or 19 mm. The stones mea wishing rockssure a wishing rockspproxima wishing rockstely 1/2". Overa wishing rocksll length: 1". This is my stock photo for this item. I ha wishing rocksve a wishing rocks few pa wishing rocksirs of these. They a wishing rocksre bla wishing rocksck with white stripes a wishing rocksnd equa wishing rockslly bea wishing rocksutiful. If you would like to see wha wishing rockst I ha wishing rocksve in stock messa wishing rocksge me BEFORE purcha wishing rockssing a wishing rocksnd I will be ha wishing rocksppy to send you a wishing rocks photo. *A wishing stone is a wishing rocks stone tha wishing rockst ha wishing rockss a wishing rocks white line going completely a wishing rocksround it. Legend ha wishing rockss it tha wishing rockst if you ma wishing rockske a wishing rocks wish for yourself with the rock, it is sa wishing rocksid to come true, but if you ma wishing rockske a wishing rocks with for someone else with it, their wish a wishing rocksnd a wishing rocksll of yours a wishing rocksre sa wishing rocksid to come true.To see more of my ha wishing rocksndma wishing rocksde jewelry in my Etsy shop, click this link:Wea wishing rocksrYourWild.IG: @wea wishing rocksryourwildAll jewelry comes nestled in recycled, rustic kra wishing rocksft gift boxes tied with ba wishing rockskers twine, jute string or wra wishing rockspped in wa wishing rocksshi ta wishing rockspe.FREE gift wra wishing rockspping is a wishing rocksva wishing rocksila wishing rocksble upon request. You ca wishing rocksn see the a wishing rocksva wishing rocksila wishing rocksble pa wishing rocksper in the la wishing rocksst photo. If you'd like your item gift wra wishing rockspped plea wishing rocksse fill out the Persona wishing rocksliza wishing rockstion section a wishing rockst checkout.Tha wishing rocksnks for supporting ha wishing rocksndma wishing rocksde!Ka wishing rockstie @ Wea wishing rocksr Your Wild

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