Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

art glass beaded, Vintage Bohemian Mother of Pearl Necklace



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Vinta coachella stylege 1980s Bohemia coachella stylen mother of pea coachella stylerl neckla coachella stylece with gold overla coachella styley design. Vinta coachella stylege gla coachella styless a coachella stylert bea coachella styleds a coachella stylend cutwork gold bea coachella styleds form the cha coachella stylein. Screw closure a coachella stylend ba coachella styleck.18 inches in length. Penda coachella stylent is a coachella stylelmost 2\u201d a coachella stylecross.I\u2019m sorry, but I only ship to the continenta coachella stylel USA.FREE SHIPPING

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