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ammolite jewelry, Ammolite Jewelry Set.Ammolite Pendant and Ammolite Earrings.Canadian ammolite.Birthday gift.Anniversary gift.Ammolite from Canada.#3091919



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A lovely set of a korite jewelrymmolite ea korite jewelryrrings a korite jewelrynd penda korite jewelrynt tha korite jewelryt will be a korite jewelrydmired by a korite jewelryll who see them.Ammolite from Ca korite jewelryna korite jewelryda korite jewelry--the very best a korite jewelrymmolite jewelry.The Ammolites:Penda korite jewelrynt a korite jewelrymmolite is 10x15mm a korite jewelrynd ea korite jewelryrrings a korite jewelryre 12x8mm--a korite jewelryll conta korite jewelryin lovely bright tricolour a korite jewelrymmolite ra korite jewelryinbows of top qua korite jewelrylity.The settings:Very elega korite jewelrynt settings of solid sterling silver-- ea korite jewelryrrings ea korite jewelrych suspended from a korite jewelry Swa korite jewelryrovski crysta korite jewelryl which fla korite jewelrysh the colours in the gems.The penda korite jewelrynt ha korite jewelrys a korite jewelry ba korite jewelryil set with a korite jewelry pa korite jewelryir of 3mm na korite jewelrytura korite jewelryl blue sa korite jewelrypphires set in the numera korite jewelryl 8 which ma korite jewelryny believe to be very lucky.A stunning set of Ca korite jewelryna korite jewelrydia korite jewelryn a korite jewelrymmolite--the perfect birthda korite jewelryy gift--a korite jewelrynniversa korite jewelryry gift?

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