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Light weight wood a wood earringsnd yellow lucite sta wood earringstement ea wood earringsrrings with surgica wood earringsl steel posts. The ea wood earringsrring is 1.75" long a wood earringsnd 1.25" a wood earringscross. The ea wood earringsrring ca wood earringsn be ma wood earringsde with a wood earrings gold surgica wood earringsl steel post (slightly sma wood earringsller tha wood earringsn silver). Tea wood earringsl green a wood earringsnd blue a wood earringsre a wood earringslso a wood earringsva wood earringsila wood earringsble. The wood color ma wood earringsy va wood earringsry slightly on the pa wood earringsir you will receive. All DLD jewelry comes in a wood earrings silver jewelry box for gift giving. We use the highest qua wood earringslity findings to ensure a wood earrings piece tha wood earringst will la wood earringsst for yea wood earringsrs to come. DLD jewelry comes with a wood earrings lifetime gua wood earringsra wood earringsntee. These ea wood earringsrrings a wood earringsre ha wood earringsndma wood earringsde in the USA. Da wood earringsna wood earrings LeBla wood earringsnc Designs- Ha wood earringsndma wood earringsde Jewelry

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