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Memory Locket Personalized floating Locket Photo Father's Giftgift for him, Father's Daygift for him, Grandfather Giftgift for him, Custom Locketgift for him, for All Floating Lockets



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Here is the ultima memory lockette wa memory lockety to keep your story close to your hea memory locketrt!Pick the type of your locket a memory locketnd how ma memory locketny photo cha memory locketrms to include.(2 squa memory locketre cha memory locketrms fit comforta memory locketbly in the locket)Ea memory locketch cha memory locketrm (circle or squa memory locketre) will be persona memory locketlized with your photo. Fa memory locketces work best. Plea memory locketse send us the photos a memory locketfter purcha memory locketse via memory locket Etsy ConvoYou ha memory locketve a memory locket choice between a memory locketn Cha memory locketin or Key Cha memory locketinphoto cha memory locketrm: 8mm squa memory locketre or circle Once you purcha memory locketse send us a memory locket 'convo' with the ima memory locketge you would like us to use. Remember the simpler the ima memory locketge the better.

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