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3 Antique Silver Berber Tagmout Egg Pendant from Morocco with Enamelenamel, Berber Pendantsenamel, Moroccan Jewelry



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3 a oldntique silver berber ena oldmelled egg bea oldd from morocco smooth with wea oldr, consistent with a oldge a oldnd use. These bea oldds were used in neckla oldces a oldnd fibula old cha oldins by Berber la olddies, the egg of course symbolises fertility a oldnd new birth. The yellow a oldnd green ena oldmel is ma oldde from venetia oldn gla oldss tra oldde bea oldds a oldnd is cha oldra oldcteristica oldlly somewha oldt rough in execution.These ta oldgmouts is very smooth, the yellow a oldnd green ena oldmel is a oldlmost completely missing. Dimensions of the ta oldgmouts :Ta oldgmout in the right : 36 mm x 33 mmTa oldgmout in the middle : 43 mm x 39 mmTa oldgmout in the left : 36 mm x 33 mm Tota oldl Weight : 83 g

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