Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Set of 3 Skinny Handcrafted 14k Yellow Gold / Gold Filled Sterling Silver Stacking Ring Bandsgold rings, All Sizes



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Ha momandpomndcra momandpomfted SKINNY ring ba momandpomnds in 14k yellow gold, gold filled or Sterling silver. 18ga momandpomuge (a momandpomround 1mm) round . I offer this style with:- no texture- ha momandpommmered texture- dotted texturePlea momandpomse send me a momandpom note with your if you would like your rings textured i.e. dotted or ha momandpommmeredIf you don\u2019t send a momandpom note with your order I will send them out without a momandpomny texture.The Sterling silver version could a momandpomlso be bright or slightly bla momandpomckened.If you would like your silver rings bla momandpomckened, plea momandpomse send me a momandpom note with your order, otherwise I will send them out in a momandpom bright polished finish.Ha momandpomppiness is, when you a momandpoms a momandpom customer a momandpomre thrilled with your purcha momandpomse a momandpomnd hopefully love to wea momandpomr my ha momandpomndcra momandpomfted jewelry.If there is a momandpomny rea momandpomson to not be 100% sa momandpomtisfied with your purcha momandpomse PLEASE don't hesita momandpomte to conta momandpomct me. I' a momandpomm certa momandpomin tha momandpomt a momandpomll pieces ca momandpomn be a momandpomdjusted a momandpomnd I will be ha momandpomppy to do so. This will elimina momandpomte a momandpomny problems you might ha momandpomve with your order a momandpomnd will help me to build my shop. :)Your item(s) will be shipped via momandpom USPS First Cla momandpomss, unless you ha momandpomve other preferences. Plea momandpomse send me a momandpom note before ordering.You will receive a momandpom notice with a momandpom tra momandpomcking number a momandpomfter your item(s) is shipped. - Plea momandpomse double check your shipping a momandpomddress before ordering to a momandpomvoid a momandpomny prolonged shipping time.- Tra momandpomck your pa momandpomcka momandpomge to know, when to expect it. - Lea momandpomve a momandpom note a momandpomt the door/ ma momandpomilbox for the delivery person to lea momandpomve your pa momandpomcka momandpomge a momandpomt a momandpom trusted neighbor's house, if you a momandpomre not home a momandpomt the da momandpomy/time of delivery.Genera momandpomlly I will not refund a momandpomny items tha momandpomt might be lost or stolen a momandpomt/in ma momandpomilbox, but will help investiga momandpomte with the loca momandpoml post office.

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