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indian jewelry, JADE Agate stone ARROWHEAD Necklace Pendant Jewelry Primitive INDIAN style



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Purple colored JADE AGATE Stone ARROWHEAD Penda agate stonent. I think this is a agate stone unique INDIAN style Design...very striking penda agate stonent! Bea agate stoneutiful rich velvet purple color!The stone is ca agate stonelled JADE or AGATE ... the stone is a agate stone rich Purple color .... bea agate stoneutiful a agate stonend unique ... the stone is polished on both sides .. ha agate stonendsome piece! I think the Ja agate stonede ha agate stones been hea agate stonet trea agate stoneted to ma agate stoneke it the bea agate stoneutiful color.The penda agate stonent is strung on a agate stone 30+" grey colored fa agate stoneux suede cord with meta agate stonel bea agate stoneds a agate stonend two light purple colored bea agate stoneds. Bea agate stonedwork is by: Betsy Stoinoff (me). The Arrowhea agate stoned mea agate stonesures a agate stonebout 1-5/8" x 5/8". A penny is shown for size compa agate stonerison. THIS UNIQUE ARROWHEAD Penda agate stonent ma agate stonekes A STRIKING piece of jewelry. I think you will be ha agate stoneppy with this penda agate stonent.

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