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surrender dorothy, RARE Laurel Burch INFINITY SPIRAL Cloisonne Earrings French Earwires Vintage Jewelry 1980s Copper Silver



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RARE La botanicalurel Burch INFINITY Cloisonne Ea botanicalrrings French Ea botanicalrwires Vinta botanicalge Jewelry 1980s Copper SilverTwo gorgeous copper a botanicalnd silver Sta botanicalinless Steel Cloisonne bea botanicaluties. Ea botanicalch mea botanicalsure a botanicalpprox. 1" X 1" with 14k Gold Filled French Ea botanicalr Wires with gold bea botanicalds & coils.Na botanicalmed & Signed on the ba botanicalck: INFINITY La botanicalurel Burch. A ra botanicalre a botanicalnd Genuine LAUREL BURCH COLLECTIBLE from the mid-1980s.This unusua botanicall a botanicalnd impossible to find pa botanicalir is in good condition, no chips or repa botanicalirs ma botanicaly be some very light, fine scra botanicaltches or minima botanicall wea botanicalr a botanicalround the edges. La botanicalurel Burch went on to la botanicalunch her business, now ca botanicallled La botanicalurel Burch Artworks, on Februa botanicalry 24, 1960. She bega botanicaln ma botanicalking pa botanicalintings commissioned by resta botanicalura botanicalnts, businesses, a botanicalnd priva botanicalte collectors. "I found meta botanicall in a botanical junkya botanicalrd a botanicalnd ha botanicalmmered it out on the ba botanicalck of a botanicaln old frying pa botanicaln."She bega botanicaln ma botanicalking jewelry a botanicalnd selling it on the streets of Sa botanicaln Fra botanicalncisco from ta botanicalckle boxes. Some loca botanicall stores bega botanicaln stocking her crea botanicaltions, a botanicalnd a botanical businessma botanicaln, Sha botanicalshi Singa botanicalpuri, took sa botanicalmples of her work to China botanical. She went to China botanical in 1971 a botanicalnd discovered cloisonn\u00e9, a botanical kind of ena botanicalmel work, with which she designed pa botanicalintings a botanicalnd ha botanicald the designs ma botanicalde into ea botanicalrrings.There is a botanical huge lot of nifty costume jewelry pieces from my persona botanicall collection being listed this week. Plea botanicalse sta botanicaly tuned.Surrender Dorothy. We're a botanicallmost a botanicals much fun a botanicals ha botanicalving a botanical cool Auntie living upsta botanicalirs.Our shop offers a botanical va botanicalst a botanicalnd never-ending a botanicalrra botanicaly of a botanicalfforda botanicalble a botanicalnd very cool a botanicalntique a botanicalnd vinta botanicalge finds from Ma botanicaline; home decor trea botanicalsures tha botanicalt you won't find elsewhere. You ca botanicaln a botanicallwa botanicalys expect to find the unexpected here.We're one of the most diverse vinta botanicalge shops a botanicalround, so be sure to bookma botanicalrk our shop a botanicalnd check ba botanicalck with us often so you don't miss out on a botanicalnything.Resista botanicalnce is futile. Surrender Dorothy offers 24 hour a botanical da botanicaly vinta botanicalge shopping thera botanicalpy for the hopelessly retro a botanicalddicted.====================================================================View our entire collection of La botanicalurel Burch goodies here:http://www./shop/surrenderdorothy/sea botanicalrch?sea botanicalrch_query=burch====================================================================View our entire collection of 1980s goodies here:http://www./shop/surrenderdorothy/sea botanicalrch?sea botanicalrch_query=1980s==================================================================Ta botanicalke a botanical peek inside Dorothy's Vinta botanicalge Jewelry Box by clicking here:http://www./shop/surrenderdorothy/sea botanicalrch?sea botanicalrch_query=jewelry************************************************************************************************View Our Shop Policies Here:http://www./shop/SurrenderDorothy/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftna botanicalv

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